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Events and Activities

Women learning together how to dye yarn and fabrics with natural ingredients, before using them in weaving projects. Be, the project manager,  is the driving force behind this.


The Eco Farm has been struck by severe drought and fires that were started by unknown others in the forests around Maehongson. But soon the rains will be coming and invigorate the growth of the many trees planted.

The Thai Government (Department of Forestation) is actively supporting the planting of many species of trees and shrubs.

They also approved the erection of a Teaching Center and Coffee Shop at the edge of the property. This Center will be officially  opened in January of 2020. The Center will provide space for Karen ladies from the village to pursue their traditional cloth weaving. Next to this it will give visitors a glance into the lives of Karen people, while sipping on a coffee and eating ecologically grown vegetable-dishes.

Flourishing Farm

On a recent trip (November 2018) to Maejanoi we saw that the Eco Farm is flourishing, with many trees planted again and a good crop of Rosella, all organically grown.

The Thai Government is very happy with the development of the farm and using it as an example for neighboring villages.

Be continues to teach women in natural dyeing techniques, which is a much desired and almost forgotten skill. In this way women can sell their handwoven products better again.

Life  Encounter A Foundation in Thailand is working together with the villagers of Maejanoi, Maehongson, Thailand.


Clean drinking water is scarce in the Karen Tribal village of about 60 households. During the dry season from December till April there is hardly any water available.


Engineers Without Borders (EwB Houston Professionals) has assisted in building storage tanks in 2016, and will come again in 2019 to install pipelines to households.  This is to improve household and drinking water. They have been teaching villagers about tank maintenance. EwB has been raising funds for this purpose together with LEAF.
Water Storage built        March/April 2016

Engineers without Borders has been back to the village to help build the water storage and transportation system, to ensure better water provision for the village of Maejanoi.

The next phase will happen in December 2019, when water distribution will be taken to individual households in the village.
Wanna HELP?

Donate to the work in the village 

When you feel positive about what is  happening in the village, please, donate

toward the goal, which is improved water provision for a village of

about 60 households.

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LEAF's MAIN Objectives

Presently LEAF's main activities are Sponsoring

some children of needy families to be able to go

to school.

Next to that we are Supporting the setting up of

an Ecological Farming Project in a village in

Northern Thailand.

Through Coaching and Micro Credit we aim at

helping the village to develop into what the

people want it to be.

Update on the progress in Maejanoi, Maehongson, Thailand

This December 2015 we went for another evaluation trip to the ecological farm in the village. We talked with the project leader, Bee, and her husband. The village is a Karen village, who speak their own unique language and is situated in the mountainous area of Maehong- son province. This is approximately 15 hours drive from Bangkok.

We noticed that managing the farm costs a lot of energy. We heard that the manager has been depressed but is now recovering from it.

Together we have made plans and preparations for the Team of Engineers without Borders who are planning to assist the villagers in February 2016 with better water provision.

The village is lacking clean drinking water and also water for irrigation of their crops.

Bee leads a small kids-class on Saturdays with a Bible lesson and reading and writing the Karen language for these kids.

Her twins are growing steadily and can be very naughty. Life on the farm is far from easy.

Coaching Trip June 2014

Our latest trip took place in June 2014. We went together with Joy, our secretary. We visited the farm and the adjacing village, to encourage the people involved in the project.  We made jam from the abundance of mango's on the trees. We saw the twins who are now one year old. We visited and prayed with a woman (Chii) of 28 who is bedridden, due to being paralyzed after an accident 10 years ago.


More Activity on the Farm

The farmers have been actively involved in creating a new water source for the land, especially during the the planting season.
A new spot where natural water springs up from below has been turned into a temporary well that is used for mainly household drinking and washing water.

With donations they would be able to create a deeper well, for more durable water provision. A mechanic digger would have to be rented for digging the deep well.

Fund Raising for Tractor

Since the existence of the Foundation we have been saving up to provide a tractor to the village of Maejanoi for ploughing and working the tough soil of the land.

We have been collecting about 200.000 Baht already and are still in need of another 200.000 Baht

The tractor is a 45 horse power tractor with a few soil work attributes, including a disc harrow and front loader.

In the meantime the tractor was purchased and paid by a loan to the farmer. This is what we call micro financing!

If you are interested to join in the support of this tractor, just drop us an email through Contact (see button the left) and we will let you now how to contribute.


Events & Activities

Next to Young Professionals and Marriage Encounter Weekends we also organize Seminars

on various topics. They include: Communication, Raising Kids & Teenagers, Relationship 

Builders, Improving Interpersonal Skills, Cross Cultural Adjustment, Lay Counseling, etc.

If you are
interested to join a Topic, feel free to drop us a note at Contact Us!